Celebrate You!

It's not too late celebrate your wins from 2017! Sometimes we are so focused on what's next we forget to celebrate how far we've come. 
How? The natural answer for me is through photographs and I know you can tackle this one. 

I've put some handy-dandy tips to help you choose your favourite photos from last year.
With these suggestions and my encouragement, you will absolutely curate the BEST photo collection of your memories. 

QUICK TIP: Create an album on your phone before you begin. This is where you can save your images.

Photo 1

Find a photo of your family's biggest achievement!

Photo 2

Find a photo that brings you joy.


Photo 3

Which photo shows your family's biggest adventure?

Photo 4

Find a photo from a day you want to remember time and time again.


Photo 5

Find an image that your kids will roll their eyes at in 10-15 years.

Photo 6

Locate an image that displays your pride in your family.


Photo 7 

Find a photo from a significant moment of 2017.

Photo 8 

An image of you or a loved one trying something new.

Photo 9

Pick your favourite photo of you and those you love.

Photo 10

A photo that you will pass down for generations to come

Take a minute to sit and reflect on how you got to where you are through ALL these incredible memories from 2017 - then celebrate!!!
What's so fantastic about this is everyone's collection of images will be different and THAT is absolutely something to celebrate! 

Now that you have your incredible collection.....it's time to print them.
I'm joining you on this journey too so we can tackle it together!

No excuses, we're getting our little albums printed.

Check out the reviews below and be sure to submit your top pick of which company I should test drive out with my own album. 











Which features stand out for you?
What is important when choosing a provider to print your favourite memories?
I'm up to the challenge of testing the top 2 options that YOU think would work best for you.

By submitting your vote, you will be eligible for a chance to win a FREE online consultation where I provide tips on the design and layout of your photo album.* Submit your votes by January 21st to be eligible! 

Once I've received enough submissions, I'll start on my journey of photo book printing to show you how easy and simple it can be!
I'll keep you updated on each product so you can make your final decision of which company to print YOUR book with.

You'll be well on your way to celebrating your 2017!

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Free online consult with design and layout your album will be limited to a 1 hour call.
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