Adventure awaits! Here are a handful of my top favourite places to visit in the city and out of the city to spend time in. Throw caution to the wind and go for a day trip with your family this month. Have some fun while you're at it.


Toronto Islands

This gem is too good to pass up. I didn’t know just how good the Toronto islands were until I considered it as a venue for my wedding. I mean, I went to Centreville when I was a kid, but only really remembered the log ride and floating swans.

Sneak away for a day and enjoy the beauty of nature on a secluded island from the city.
Have a picnic, lounged on one of many beaches or explore!

TIP: Want to avoid the long lineups for the ferry….take a kayak over instead if your little ones are old enough.


Taylor Creek Park

From Dawes Road in the east-end extending all the way to the
DVP, this area is a fantastic trail for hiking, walking or
biking with your family! My labrador retriever Morley LOVES
this neck of the woods. We will wander and soak up all
the beautiful nature that surrounds us. 

Grab your bikes or just head over for a nice walk
on a sunny spring day. It's another haven in the
city to enjoy with your family.

Check it out here.


Kelso Conservation Area

About 60km west of downtown Toronto, Kelso Conservation Area
is a great spot to get away for the day. Another place Dave
(my husband) and I like to take Morley hiking!
Dave has also done some of his triathlons there - it’s a great spot to enjoy nature.

Get in a bike, swim and run like those triathletes or pack a picnic and enjoy the beauty that surrounds this area.

Bonus: Rattlesnake Park
Make sure to check out the view from Rattlesnake Park on your way home!


Kawartha Lakes

There are so many amazing places to in Kawartha Lakes.
I’m a bit spoiled as I have family and friends who
live in this area, so I visit as often as I can.
When I lived there I used to love exploring the area.

There are so many conservation areas to hike in (this park
was one of my favourites), so many swimming holes
and so many great hidden gems throughout.
(This one, maybe this one although it’s
changed owners and definitely this one).


Maybe it’s time to get super adventurous and decide where to stop the car when you get there!
Just start driving and see where you end up.

Share your adventures on social media and inspire others to do the same!