Capturing the Evolution of Your Family

Every family has their own unique story told through outstretched arms, bright eyes and laugh lines.  
Behind every frame-worthy moment?  Is the story that brought them here.  The failed photo shoots, the pre-session
nerves, the willingness to take a chance on a photographer who will finally see the imperfect but irreplaceable beauty
that connects the most important people in your world.  These are their stories in their words.

Capturing the Evolution of Your Family:
One spontaneously joyful, naturally loving, delightfully fun moment at a time.

Having failed miserably at selecting a photographer multiple times we were becoming rather frustrated. Especially with so many family photographers to choose from, it can be difficult to find someone you trust.  But Jen’s photos all had an element of fun and spontaneity to them, which were essential to us.

Jen’s disarming manner and outgoing approach immediately diffused any nerves.  She took the time to understand how we were feeling and how our day had been so far.  She started the photo session based on our preliminary discussions keeping in mind what we hoped to achieve.  The whole process was completely natural, to the point you’d forget you were having a photo session!  It was good fun.

Our family is active and always on the go so we chose to do the photoshoot outdoors because our children thrive outside. Jen’s approach yielded some incredibly candid moments and just the right amount of posed shots.  She maintained contact post shoot to manage expectations about timelines and gave us a sneak peek which was great because we were so excited (and ultimately delighted) with the end result.

She captured an immense amount of joy and love.  There’s a true passion there which shines through and obviously comes so very naturally to her.  It would be difficult to replicate this with anyone who doesn’t share Jen’s passion and commitment to her craft.

Jen was utterly brilliant!