Meet Kelly Swingler. 

She’s a vibrant, successful and beautiful woman and is just like you and me. Ok she may be a bit different from you and me.
BUT! She runs her own business, she’s awesome, she struggled to find a photographer that “got it” and she had pre-session nerves like many of us do. 

Kelly Swingler is Founder at Chrysalis Consulting, The People and Change Experts and was appointed at the UK’s Youngest HR Director.  Kelly is passionate about helping people find bespoke people solutions to suit the needs of their business. She is also launching a new business this fall called "Soulful Leaders, the no-ego zone for heart centred leadership". I am so excited to watch this new business grow as I know it will be a huge success.

We are going to go on a bit of a Q&A journey together with Kelly. Why? So you can see how much fun you can have, how amazing you can feel and how you can impact others from one photo session with me. 

Have you ever struggled to find a professional photographer you LOVED?
What was the biggest challenge?

The photographer's I have used in the past have struggled to get my personality to shine through. I've felt like the pictures didn't really capture who I am and therefore have never been happy with the pictures. I dread looking at them.


Making the decision to book can feel like a bit of a risk. Especially if you've had a less than stellar experience before.

Referrals from friends go a long way, but what was it about my photos that made you want to take a chance on me? Was there a certain feeling you connected to? Or a style? Or maybe you didn't know for sure until you actually spoke with me?


The connection through our mutual online group certainly helped, we had never had a conversation previously. When I saw the pictures from your personal projects I felt you were able to capture the essence of people through your photography and I connected with that a lot.

I absolutely 100% get pre-session nerves before having my photo taken, so I can only assume you had them too? Do you remember any on the day of your shoot?

Were you worried about your outfit, how you would look or feel in front of the camera? What was really going on inside your head? Did you feel relaxed, stressed, happy, nervous?

Lay it out on the table sister!

All of the above! Having gained a lot of weight over the last two years I was uncomfortable with my size, I wasn't sure on my outfit and I wasn't sure how the pictures would turn out. I love travelling to London though and I was looking forward to meeting you and finally putting a face to a name so I was excited about that. I wasn't so much worried about the session after we started talking and having my make up done certainly made me feel great.

Walk me through your experience. From the first meeting on the big day to the
self-conscious first pics to relaxing into the shoot to wrapping it up and moment
you saw your first photos.
Was it everything you envisioned or did it end up being different?

I have never had so much fun in front of a camera. Some of the poses felt a little uncomfortable but I trusted that you knew why I was having to do some posing. 

Your positive words of encouragement made me feel at ease, I laughed a lot and I wouldn't hesitate in using you again. You have a warmth that allowed me to just be me, and I really feel that shone through in the photos.

I was super excited to see the photos and I loved them when I saw them. I have never, ever felt that way about a photo before and it was amazing to get so much positive feedback from everyone who has seen them.

I've included one in my August Newsletter, which I have sent from me instead of from Chrysalis Consulting.
The shoot and the photos have allowed me to stop hiding my brand and just be me, just the way I am.

Every woman is beautiful and unique and a portrait session can definitely showcase that. After your session with has your perspective of photo sessions changed in any way? How? Why?

Totally. If ever I was looking for a photographer again I would want to make sure I connected with that person and that they took the time to understand me rather than just snapping pictures in the same style that they use for everyone else.

You have to have fun, that's what life is all about, and photos for me previously have never been fun. The energy was great and I would want to make sure that the energy was right in a future session.

And I know it's important to relax and be me, authenticity and integrity are vital and I'm not sure I've allowed me to be me before in front of a camera or that the photographer has displayed these qualities, you certainly did.

Is there anything else you want to share? Here's your chance, don't be shy, give me all the details.

I just want to say thank you. I think all of the work of yours that I have seen has been incredible.

I often look at pictures and think I would love to look like that, and now I have my photos that I feel comfortable with, proud of and I'm sharing them as much as I can, with full credit to you of course.

I think you have an energy and personality that lets people relax, and that is so important. You let the inner beauty shine through in the outer photos. You've even encouraged me to get my camera out again and see what magic I can create.


And there it is! A REAL person having a REAL experience and REALLY enjoying it. Branding portraits don’t have to be all 1990’s glamour shots and stiff posing (unless that’s your jam!). It CAN be fun and you CAN enjoy yourself, I promise. Check out more photos here on my site or email me if you're interested in a session for yourself! Can't wait to hear from you :)