African Safari - Elephant Interaction

Another amazing experience during our safari honeymoon was the elephant interaction at Camp Jabulani. We met two incredible elephants who were gentle and happy to meet us. We learned about the inspiring story of how Camp Jabulani started, check out their site to read all about it. We had a chance to feed both the two beauties, scratch behind their ears and pet their tusks. It was such an once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet with these gentle giants and one we'll never forget! Many thanks to Camp Jabulani, Kapama Game Reserve and Lion World Travel.

Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction
Elephant Interaction

African Safari - The King

  At last, the king of the jungle.

On our third day we came upon this majestic male lion basking in the sun. He was with his pride as they enjoyed a mid-morning nap. As you can see from his satisfied smile, he was enjoying his relaxing morning as we watched on. We were ecstatic to have been able to see him and incredibly, he decided to move into the shade for some relief. He was so close to our tracker, I'm certain we heard our tracker say "His mane touched my foot". For me, it was exhilarating. We were fortunate this powerful beast was in a good mood!

From the golden warm colours of his fur to his striking eyes, the morning sun was my friend on this day. I couldn't narrow down the photos, so enjoy the many I couldn't choose from.

king11 king10 king9 king8 king6 king5 Lion Lion Trio

African Safari - Elephants and Rhinos

  While we were very lucky in finding lions quickly on our safari, it took us a lot longer to find elephants. Fortunately our tracker and game driver were persistent and we found them on a wonderful evening safari. We were able to see how powerful they were as they quickly pulled large tree branches down for their dinner. It was incredible to watch them pull and stomp on branches down to the trunk to get the one they wanted. I was giddy like a school girl when we found the elephants, watching these majestic beasts power through the brush was beyond amazing.

We also saw lots of impalas and water buffalos, some vultures AND we ran into white rhinos more than once!

Baby ElephantElephant

Elephant eatingImpala Vultures Water Buffalo White Rhino


African Safari - Giraffes and Zebras

Turning the corner of another of the many winding roads at Kapama Game Reserve, we can upon a large plain full of wildebeests, impalas, warthogs, giraffes, white rhinos, zebras and many birds. Seeing all of these animals grazing and basking in the morning sun was breathtaking. The feeling was overwhelmingly calm and saturated with pure happiness. Impalas were rutting nearby which was quite the site. They were leaping, bounding and making a very unique guttural sound. We then came across two zebras fighting, bitting and butting heads, these two had quite the score to settle. It was exhilarating to try and follow them as they chased each other across the plans behind the lens of my camera.

Shortly thereafter we arrived at a watering hole and found a thirsty giraffe. We had to be patient while waiting for the giraffe to finish drinking so I could capture it in action. A little fact about giraffes we learned from our knowledgeable game driver,  to protect the giraffe's brain from sudden changes in blood pressure when it lowers its head to drink, it has a valve to stop the back-flow of blood and elastic-walled vessels that dilate and constrict to manage flow. Cool, right?!

Stay tuned for more photos!

Baby zebra with mom Zebra Fighting Zebra Fighting Zebra

Drinking Giraffe Giraffe

African Safari - Birds

For all you bird buffs out there, this is the post for you! During our safari we saw many bird species - too many to capture images of to be honest. There were all sizes, shapes, colours and calls of birds. Without the help of our Tracker and Guide from Kapama Game Reserve we would have been utterly clueless as to what we were hearing and/or seeing. Here are a few of my favourites:

Lilac breasted roller

African Hawk Eagle

African hawk eagle

Grey Heron


Spotted Owl

*please let me know if I've misidentified any of these bird species

African Safari

  I recently returned from my trip of a lifetime; an African Safari. Since I was young I've dreamed of visiting Africa to see the majestic and beautiful animals I had learned so much about. I was mainly mesmerized by lions after reading Joy Adamsons famous book Born Free

My wonderful husband proposed we take our honeymoon in Africa and I couldn't have been happier with his suggestion. It was difficult to decide where to go, but with the guidance of Lion World Travel we landed on South Africa. We spent some time in Cape Town and Durban, but our safari took us to Kapama Game Reserve - Southern Camp. I could write a whole post just on the hospitality and outstanding accommodations at Kapama.

I knew I would be emotional when I saw our first pride of lions, but surprisingly I held my composure when we found them. It wasn't until our second day, when we came across lion cubs with their powerful mothers that tears of sheer happiness were streaming down my cheeks. This post is focused on lions, mainly because I'm 110% biased towards them, but since there were so many beautiful animals to capture photos of I plan to share photos from this amazing experience over the next few weeks.

Stay tuned to see what other incredible animals we encountered on our adventure safari honeymoon.

Lion Cub LionCub 2 Lioness-Cub Lioness-Cub 2

Happy New Year | 2016

  Wishing you a wonderful 2016 and a warm welcome from Jen Allison Photography.

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