She saw how important it was to have images of ALL of them, simply being who they are.

Last year, Daphne reached out last year to buy a gift certificate for her parents as a Christmas gift. I was thrilled. I had another
opportunity to capture more amazing moments of this amazing family! She knew how excited I was, but I sensed she wasn't as enthused.

Some doubts and vulnerabilities crept in, and I did my best to share with her the value of documenting this time in their lives. I decided
to leave it to her choose when was the right time. What she took away from this session was more than I could have dreamed of.

Scroll down to read what she took away from our session and how it has transformed how she views her family, it's beautiful.


"When I saw the photos, what I realized was that I so rarely get is a snapshot of time..... I focus so much on getting images of her but miss out on images of us... being us.... "

"Last year I gifted my mom with the gift certificate for photos for her 75th birthday/Christmas.  I was putting off setting a date because I kept hoping that I’d be a size smaller, pounds lighter, focusing time and energy in making sure I was not captured by a lens but just kept documenting life with Chuck as I saw her."  

"I still felt loads of angst around the vulnerability of not having control of the photos, the imperfections and what I see and what I am critical of for myself."

"When I saw the photos, what I realized was that I so rarely get is a snapshot of time. Yeah, still wish I was a size smaller and all that, but my eye wasn’t drawn to my hips or thighs, but of being a mom and what Chuck gives me and brings out of me.  I focus so much on getting images of her, but miss out on images of us... being us.... and I’m so happy and fortunate that we have another silly pic, more pics of cuddles, of her still in my arms cause I know someday I won’t be able to carry her around or that our relationship will be different and she will need me in different and new ways... I have these photos of us at 3.5 years into this ride... it’s not about me, and a pant size... that isn’t what she cares about, and I was putting off the opportunity to capture where we are at as a family."

Be like Daphne. 
Book the session and commit to the date.  
You will not regret this choice. 
But you may regret not making the choice.