Capturing the Evolution of Your Family

Every family has their own unique story told through outstretched arms, bright eyes and laugh lines.  
Behind every frame-worthy moment?  Is the story that brought them here.  The failed photo shoots, the pre-session
nerves, the willingness to take a chance on a photographer who will finally see the imperfect but irreplaceable beauty
that connects the most important people in your world.  These are their stories in their words.

"The second I stopped trying, exactly what I'd hope for happened - unscripted moments capturing the emotion and humour of parenting."

Capturing the Evolution of Your Family:
One unscripted session, lesson in letting go and laughing runaway toddler at a time.

I’ve seen so many posed and themed family photo shoots on Facebook, while they can be beautiful I know it’s just not us.  I’ve seen it before, when we try to get a “nice” photo, inevitably one of us has that fake smile when we feel like we’re on the spot.

We definitely started the day and the session with some nerves - looking at the camera while wrangling a toddler is no easy task.  Jen was there to guide us and give us some initial direction.  That is until my 18 month old came up with a plan of her own!  I’m not gonna lie, I thought the shoot was going to be a flop.  There was a laughing runaway toddler, a photographer alongside keeping up with her and 2 parents wondering what would come of it all.

My daughter had a blast. I felt confident Jen would get some great photos of her.  But I was worried about capturing any family photos...Still, when my daughter ran off to play and explore I decided I had to let go and follow Jen’s example of allowing things to unfold naturally.  

The second I stopped trying, exactly what I’d hoped for happened - unscripted moments capturing the emotion and humour of parenting.
As it turns out, I had nothing to worry about. I don’t know how she did it but Jen managed to capture individual shots with our daughter and as a family.

Jen’s photos are so organic, she manages to capture pure moments where no one is stiff.  She somehow has this ability to see beyond and grab the emotion and personality of the person.  You can tell when you look at Jen’s photos of my daughter that she’s a goof and playful but also sensitive and loves her cuddles.  Kids grow and change so much and so quickly, having this snapshot in time documented means the world to me.