Capturing the Evolution of Your Family

Every family has their own unique story told through outstretched arms, bright eyes and laugh lines.  
Behind every frame-worthy moment?  Is the story that brought them here.  The failed photo shoots, the pre-session
nerves, the willingness to take a chance on a photographer who will finally see the imperfect but irreplaceable beauty
that connects the most important people in your world.  These are their stories in their words.

"Jen definitely has a talent for capturing what’s “real”, which is why I love her work so much!

Capturing the Evolution of Your Family: Every frame filled with honest, candid connections from a 60th celebration to an intimate portrait session.

We’ve had experiences in the past with other photographers that were painful and awkward.  So it was really important to me that this time it was enjoyable.

My first session with Jen was a big task...I had her shoot my ENTIRE FAMILY at my mother’s 60th birthday party.  Jen blended in perfectly with all the different personalities and made everyone feel comfortable.  This allowed us to capture some candid photos I’ll cherish forever.

When it came time for our family photo shoot I knew her friendly, approachable style would make for an enjoyable experience.  I was still worried about my husband photo shoots are not at the top of his list for enjoyable moments, but Jen made light of the this fact, and turned the mood around!

From start to finish it was everything I’d expected!  Jen was very professional, from setting up the shoot to sourcing the location to meet my vision, to being flexible the morning of the shoot when I was running late with my 3-month-old.  And when I saw the finished product?  It captured everything I’d envisioned.

Jen definitely has a talent for capturing what’s “real”, which is why I love her work so much!