The BEST way to celebrate your family this year

90 days. 1 family goal. 2 photo sessions. 2 celebrations!

No stress for you. Loads of fun for everyone.

  • 2 photo sessions. One for the goal activity and one for the celebration YOUR family will plan.
  • VICTORY PARTY! After we have completed both photo sessions I will be hosting a BIG party to celebrate all of the families who tackled their goals alongside you.
  • Receive 2 beautiful framed art prints to display in your home of your family's amazing time together during our photo sessions.

Interested in this super fun adventure? 
Drop me a line and I will answer all of your questions.

"Jen made us feel so comfortable on photo day, it was as if we had known her all our lives. We are beyond happy with each of the photos and strongly recommend her to anyone thinking of getting a session done. Our family will cherish these memories forever." - Lindsay Krompholc


Whatever you choose, I will be there to document both the goal and your family's celebration.
When you've reached the finish line and achieved your goal, attend the VICTORY PARTY!

 Spend time together as a family,
doing what makes you happy. 

Attend the VICTORY PARTY with all the families who also conquered their goals.

Adore your beautiful photos and prints
for generations to come.

No overly posed, awkward family photos!
All of the moments captured are moments from you as the unique family you are. 

Relive the moments you spent with your family in 2017 with beautiful art prints displayed on your wall at home. 

Get acknowledged for your hard
work and enjoy a party JUST for you!

The journey will start mid-May and end mid-August.
90 days to crush your goal. You've totally got this!

Then party like it's 2017 when you've reached the end.


  • 1 hour family photo session documenting your goal.
    "Being active outside 20 mintutes a day".
  • 1.5 hour family photo session documenting your celebration.
    "A picnic in the park with ice cream at the beach".

  • 2 - 11"x14" hand framed archival photo prints (Value $550)
  • VICTORY PARTY! Celebrate your wins with other families who participated.
    Snacks, drinks and a pop-up photo booth for even more FUN!

    Total cost: $1625.00+HST


    Only 6 families will be accepted in 2017.

    What a great opportunity to document your family on this amazing journey together and celebrate all of your big big WINS!
    Limited spaces are available so email me if you have questions or take the plunge today!


    How do we pick our goal?

    • Choose something you can measure.
      • Example: As a family we will be active 20 minutes a day for 90 days.
    • Choose something you as a family would love to do so it has a higher chance of success. If you hate swimming, don't choose something related to swimming! (This is meant to be fun).
    • Looking at your overall goal break it down into smaller weekly or bi-weekly achievable goals.
      • Overall goal: As a family we will be active 20 minutes a day for 90 days.
      • Smaller goals: I will have our family's running shoes ready at the front door when we all return home for the day.
      • Smaller goal: For two weeks we will walk the dog together as a family.
    • Determine who, what, when and where for these smaller goals and you will be well on your way to your VICTORY!!
      • Example: Julie and Stephanie will choose a new activity for the family to participate in outdoors for the next 2 weeks.
      • Example: Mom will line up everyone's shoes and the basketball on the front porchat the end of the day.

    What if we can't participate between June and August?

    • How about starting early? Why don't we chat about when you can start.

    What if we aren't successful and don't reach our goal?
    The second family session will be less "celebratory" and more.....well here is a hint:

    • You set your sights lofty, you set your goal high.
      You aimed for the moon, past the stars, past the sky.
      But life got in the way, as it tends to sometimes,
      You gave it your best but couldn't cross the finish line.
      It's okay, even though your goal wasn't reached.
      You'll always be stars (in my books at least).
      You deserve a fun, surprise family session,
      To celebrate all of the effort you put in.
      But be warned - this could get a little messy.
      You'll have fun and you'll laugh and you'll make unique memories that's my guarantee.

    • You will also still receive the 2 beautiful framed art prints from the first session.

    How do we stay accountable?

    • Challenge a friend, sibling, work colleague or neighbour. Nothing says accountability like a little healthy competition!
    • Set up a time as a family to review your small wins on a weekly basis. Heck, have a family dance party when you review your wins.
    • Shout it from the rooftops, the social media rooftops that is. By sharing your goals with others, the goals become more real and therefore you become more accountable.
    • Ask a friend or family member to "check in" on how things are progressing
    • I am also a great accountability partner!

    When is payment required?

    • Payment is required in full upon booking.

    Have questions? Ready to book?