African Safari - The King

  At last, the king of the jungle.

On our third day we came upon this majestic male lion basking in the sun. He was with his pride as they enjoyed a mid-morning nap. As you can see from his satisfied smile, he was enjoying his relaxing morning as we watched on. We were ecstatic to have been able to see him and incredibly, he decided to move into the shade for some relief. He was so close to our tracker, I'm certain we heard our tracker say "His mane touched my foot". For me, it was exhilarating. We were fortunate this powerful beast was in a good mood!

From the golden warm colours of his fur to his striking eyes, the morning sun was my friend on this day. I couldn't narrow down the photos, so enjoy the many I couldn't choose from.

king11 king10 king9 king8 king6 king5 Lion Lion Trio