I’m a Toronto family & brand photographer with an easygoing
style & huge sense of humour. 

Most days you can find me in Toronto’s east end where I live, either working away documenting other amazing families, entrepreneurs, spending time with my husband, son and dog enjoying the beauty our city has to offer.

                ME! 7 months pregnant Dec 2017.

I’m a family photographer and a brand photographer. My adventure began as a journey to let go of every unfulfilling “should” and embrace my passions and talents. Those passions are about family (and family includes friends), and those talents are about bearing witness to and recording pure moments of magical human connection.

With me, it’s far from the over-staged, over-posed, manufactured truth. It’s ALL about real and authentic moments and the confidence to be undeniably you! 

Whether a session for a family in their backyard or a business branding session for a budding entrepreneur, my goal is to capture the true-to-life beauty of each and every one of you while always, ALWAYS having fun. 

Really though, having fun is a must have ingredient with me. I promise to make you laugh and it usually involves me making a complete fool of myself OR laughing uncontrollably with you. 


Here are some fun facts you might not know about me.
• I grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario
• I can drive manual transmission
• I react to sugar like a 4 year old and it’s awesome
(huge high and instant crash)
• I was a Brownie, Girl Guide and Pathfinder
• I worked in beautiful Quetico Provincial Park for 3 summers
• I love winter

That’s me in a nutshell - honest, original, and confidently me.

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